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Coronavirus – COVID19

Dear Partners, Colleagues,

Beside the importance of the best and complete service of our good clients, we have to take into consideration the present Corona Virus situation and follow our national regulations to prioritise all of our health and safety.

We are keep on operating with full power – including our workshop and car-, and truck facilities – and have taken appropriate measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

We provide the information on these measures in several forums and they are posted on at our facilities.
Please note these when using our services.
Updates will be posted as the situation changes.

Thank you in advance for your understanding!


Purchasing of modern motor vehicle diagnostic equipment at J&S Speed Kft!

Thanks for the support of the Hungarian State and the European Union.

Start of the implementation of the project: 02.01.2019

Starting time of accountability of the project costs: 28.09.2018

Planned day of the physical finishing of the project: 00.07.2019

Project identification number: 2019-102-I1-00006378

Amount of the support not to be reimbursed 5 019 110 Ft at a support intensity

of 50%. The overall project costs are: 10 038 220 Ft.

We purchase within the scope of the development programme new, modern vehicle diagnostics means, such as:

workshop tablet

under carriage setting equipment

clearance inspection moving test bench

With the help of the services to be introduced as a result of our development we can offer such new services, that were not – or just partly – available in the region, by means of these we can ensure a more modern and complete service for our present and future customers according to the legal provision requirements. In addition to it we will be able to perform all the necessary diagnostic inspections of our own motor vehicle park, thus we can carry out all service setting operations within our company. This will cause that we can account on reduced costs, increasing incomes and more effective functioning.

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