J&S SPEED Kft. social responsibility

Social responsibility appertains to the everyday of the owner and the colleagues of J&S Speed Kft. A part of our activity constitute the environment protection, support of children and of education, sponsoring the different sport activities. Our social responsibility is honest, arises from inside and long lasting. Read about our social responsibility

Environment protection

Our company means a significant environment load due to its main activity, thus it is our interest not only in economic respect but also in respect of the environment protection to use innovative solutions all the time, maintaining our motor vehicle park continuously at a high technical level to minimize our environmental footprint.

We apply most modern technics for the sake of a low fuel and other combustibles consumption. Our motor vehicles are strictly inspected and maintained at our repair basis. We reconstruct our motor vehicle cleaner to the most modern environment friendly closed technology design. We use at our seat, settlement environment conscious solutions pointing forward.

Our office is heated and chilled by means of heat pump. We build out a continuously expanding solar cell system with the aim to produce ourselves our whole energy demand by 2025. We profess that we have our environment and ressources have been lent to us by our children.


Behind every great result there is a persistent work of several years. One must start appropriate preparations for the everyday struggles already in childhood. Our company supports the pupils and contestants of the karate club Renmei SE and organizes for them every year an inland competition.

The health and balance of the employees working at the company is important for us. That is why supporting of the sport activity of our colleagues has priority focus, should it be an individual or common sporting (running, dragon shipping), or activity in a training room. This latter is realized in cooperation with Light Center.

Children and education

Our main motivation: the smile of our children! At our family programmes we regularly host the members of our colleagues and for several years the inmates and the educators of the children’s home in Kömlőd. We also pay a visit to them on Santa Claus day. We believe that future of our company depends on the education and training. Our workers get continuous training that their professional knowledge is always one step ahead of the requirements of the epoch. Only this way are we able to go ahead of our competitors. We also support the education in our region through the Tatabánya – Oroszlány Professional education organization corporation.


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