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In the course of the history of our company we have always paid special attention to the technical condition of our vehicles. At the beginning we have been occupied with the repair of our own fleet after guarantee period has expired, then owing to the modernization of our service premises supported by our own the European Union’s resources we gradually extended our activity. Thus we could have established our appropriate knowledge and tools basis complying with the international specifications for every important repair work, whether it is the technical inspection or repair of the trailers (our company is member of the official service and repair network of Schmitz Cargobull trailer brand).

We develop our settlement continuously thus now we are performing service both in the warranty period and beyond it for our exterior partners, too. We have our own spare parts stockpile, so in case of a failure repair work can be done in the shortest time in our workshop.

The MOT test appertains is one of the main activities of our company, that was characterized by a stressed atmosphere previously. Maybe it has been experienced because of the old system and the habit of the administrators.

Of course all participants of the road traffic should run with a vehicle in faultless technical condition, but we know that it is almost impossible, there will be always anything going wrong that must be repaired.

At our company for the MOT test a test date may be requested in almost each category by phone and in person. The category to be tested can be queried at our technical inspectors thus there is no unnecessary misunderstanding.

We would like to inform you of some detailed conditions concerning the MOT test.

Are you going to have made the MOT test? What is worth to inspect already at home prior to the MOT test?

The necessary documents prior to the MOT test.

It is an indispensable accessory of the successful MOT test the traffic permission and the registration book.

In addition, a document confirming the compulsory insurance. This may be a check stub or a remittance voucher, or a confirming policy provided by the insurance company.

For MOT test the vehicle can be brought by the owner or the operator. If it is not possible, then anybody can arrange the MOT test with an authorization. It is still important to notice that in every case the personal documents of the person arranging the MOT test are required. If the MOT test is arranged by an authorized person, then the identity card and the address card of the authorized person will be required.


What is the situation with the car prior to the MOT test?


It is a frequently asked question: a car with foiled windscreens can pass the test? If the foil complies with the specifications and this can be confirmed with the necessary document (quality certificate), then the answer is yes.

However, it is important to know that there are strict criteria for using the foil, such as:

– The front windscreen should have a light transmittance capability of 75 % minimum.

– The windscreens beside the driver’s seat should have a light transmittance capability of 70 % minimum.

– The foil must not have any light reflecting properties. 

Existence of the foil can be registered in the traffic permission but it is not compulsory! For the successful MOT test only the existence of the quality certificate is required.

In addition to the foil we can have troubles at the MOT test with a stone strike if it is in the field of view and / or the fissure is already extended.


On one axle tires of the same size and pattern must be mounted. The pattern may be different but not the size each axle. Tires as per season are no criterion for a successful MOT test, this is not checked by the technical test inspectors. The more important is the depth of 1,6 mm of the tire pattern at least. This can be checked easily at home, as well. Care must be taken of suitable air pressure setting in the tires prior to the MOT test.

At the MOT test the wheel can cause some trouble if it is not factory made. In this case the rightful use must be confirmed with a quality certificate.

It is worth to inspect the lights prior to the MOT test! The first and most important question is: are all lights functioning well? Are the globes not broken or cracked? These are namely all a criterion of a successful MOT test. Xenon lights may be in the car only, if they are factory made. It is almost impossible to pass the MOT test successfully with Xenon lights installed afterwards because there are very strict stipulations for this.

Smaller dents, scratches, possibly rusting in the bodywork cause no trouble at the MOT test if they mean an aesthetic problem only. If it is a larger surface that can lead to technical problems, it can result in a failed MOT test.

Concerning the colour variations, the proportion of one third is relevant. Namely if the colour of one third of the surface of our car corresponds to the colour registered in the traffic permission, it is not compulsory to have registered the colour change in the traffic permission. If the colour change exceeds one third of the car’s surface, then registering of this in the traffic permission is compulsory. The shade change does not matter, only the factual colour difference.


The inside of the car

– Are the safety belts functioning well?

– Are the fitting points of the safety belts functioning well, are they on their right place?

– Is the seats’ fastening stable?

– Are the instruments functioning without any problem?

– Are the foot brake / hand brake functioning suitably?

– Is the first aid package in the car valid?

All these are stipulations for a successful MOT test.


There are frequently used outfits requiring extra caution prior to the MOT test:

– If we have a draw hook on the car and it is not registered in the traffic permission, then we have to be prepared that the mounting declaration will be required and if we have bought a draw hook with no “E”-permission mark but for example with “H”, then the quality certificate will be necessary, as well. In case of the “E”-permission no quality certificate is needed.

–  In case of a sport exhaust-pit and sport steering wheel it is also necessary to verify the rightful use with a quality certificate!


When we are ready with the inspection carried out at home, then it is necessary to log in for the previous inspection because of the following reasons:

At the previous inspection, in addition to that mentioned above we check your car by means of special devices, gauges, that will also be checked by the test inspector at the MOT test.

Your headlights will be set, the undercarriage, the bearing, the ball heads checked.

The brakes, the shock absorber will be tested.

You need not to bring your car there several times, as the previous inspection directly precedes the MOT test!

After this you have nothing else to do, then take your newly and successfully MOT tested car!

In addition to the MOT test our company carries out checking and calibration of the tachographs, being also strictly connected with legal provisions.

The present modern event recorders record the driving and rest time of the drives according to strict legal provisions. In addition, the vehicle driver is identified by the driver’s card and the current speed, running time, the road distance and any other cases that can be then read out from the device.

What is really the sense of tachograph systems’ inspection?

Checking of the devices built in the motor vehicles means the inspection of signallers.

Tachograph fitting must be repeated every 2 years, this concerns both the digital and the analogue devices being still in use in a very few number.

There is an existing simulator programme that helps to acquire the application of the digital tachographs.

In the picture a brief demonstration of this is shown.

Tachograph  VDO Tachograph Simulator USB

VDO Tachograph Simulator USB

The new VDO simulator programme includes four different digital tachograph models: DTCO 1.4, 2.0 / 2.1, 2.2 and 3.0.

The simulator software was made for the vehicle drivers, trainers and fleet managers, it is a new training tool inciting learning by the practical experiences.

On a USB pendrive an interactive product simulates the most important features of the VDO digital tachographs.

The software uses a top quality graphic providing a detailed and clear image in the popular and cost effective training programme.

The software simulates the different functions of the digital tachographs, including:

· DTCO 1.4, 2.0 / 2.1, 2.2 and 3.0
· The log in and log out processes with the vehicle driver’s card.
· The new counting programme of the VDO tachographs.
· Printing of the vehicle driver’ s card and of the vehicle.
· Using of the company card.
….. and much more.

For the devices and their users is a very strict legislation, unified in the European Union, effective.

These legal provision are refreshed by the technical progress that our colleagues must be aware.

They must take part in continuous trainings and give account of their knowledge.

We have the newest technical means to check, calibrate the most modern devices and speed signallers.

If you have any question, ask our colleague.

Our company has jointed almost first to the service partner network of the renowned trailer manufacturing company in Hungary.

Our extremely modern workshop has been ready for the challenge; all conditions were given to make a big step ahead.

Our main aspect to decide for Schmitz brand service was the expansion of our services, as well as a rapid maintenance and spare parts supply of our own vehicle park.

In our days we have an own spare parts store in case of the technical failures of the brand existing both in our fleet and at our customers.

Thus the repair time can be as short as possible.

The current trailers, including also Schmitz have the most modern devices controlling drive safety and remote supervision.

For this purpose, we have special instruments making diagnostics easy and troubleshooting more exact.

Our specialist take part in continuous trainings, where they can acquire the newest repair technology.

Because of the climatic change and the harmful compounds, gases influencing the greenhouse effect, the layers of the superstructure should have been created in that way that as few energy as possible must be applied for conditioning.

As a service partner we can perform guarantee repairs, too, as all means are available for us in case of a failure.

The trailers must be taken to a yearly inspection according to the specifications of the maintenance book.

This is necessary because of the warranty time undertaken by manufacturer for the axle.

We can also perform the inspection and harmonization of the electronic brake control systems in the case of both the KNORR and the WABCO systems.

After performing the settings, we can check the braking effect of the trailer and at the same time also the controlled brake pressure on a roller bench.

In case of your demand for maintenance, repair ask our colleague for further support.

There is also a possibility to buy Schmitz factory spare parts, for the details ask our colleague.

Using excellent performance materials and innovative methods BERGERecotrail® develops unique light semitrailers. The result: the semitrailers have a unique low net weight under 4700 kg.

In the history of our company it has been the factor that we decided to use Berger trailers for transportation.

In the course of their using we have experienced the advantages and the extraordinary features of the trailer.

Our existing complex service basis enriched with the partnership right for a new brand concerning the BERGERecotrail®.

Our colleagues have collected lot of experience provided by the manufacturer concerning the maintenance and repair technology.

Many people do not know, but these trailers must also be inspected as it has a body system totally differing from the conventional one.

The light construction that is able to bear a heavy strain should be inspected on the basis of the manufacturer’s list each year at least.

We have a spare parts store in case of the Berger trailers supporting our customers by decreasing the repair time to a minimum.

In case of individual demands concerning the repair and maintenance, spare parts selling ask our colleagues in the Berger brand service.

Most of our vehicles have an air conditioner serving not only our convenience but also our safety.

For a good operation of this equipment without having any inconvenience it is worth to have it inspected each year but prior to season start at least.

This means functioning and cleanliness of the system.

At our company the different special equipment for checking, filling and cleaning of the air conditioner are available.

Here one can choose from the following cleaning processes.

The so called “grenade” method.

This is the most common method available in spray form almost in any car shop.

The advantage: it is relatively cheap, needs no professional knowledge.

The disadvantage: the disinfector streaming out is much heavier than the air thus it is circulating in the air for a short time only and the particles are falling down on the curtain, the rug. It is not effective rather odorous.

Air conditioner cleaning foam.

The advantage: if the air conditioner radiator (evaporator) is catched well, it is effective, as the foam squeezes through the cooler body and collapses in liquid state thus it is removed through the condense water outlet together with the contaminations.

The disadvantage: It is possible that the foam reaches also such places where electric parts are installed and these can be damaged. It can be effective, but it is a risky method.

Ultrasound cleaning. 

For this cleaning method also a device is used, which vaporizes the liquid to very tiny particles and they are streaming through the air conditioner radiator while the heater / cooler motor of the vehicle is functioning.

The advantage: it is effective if the suitable quality material is used for the process.

The disadvantage: it cannot be performed at home.

Ask our offer from our service colleague.

Donaldson technology


Cleaning of the soot filters of the commercial motor vehicles

Author: Dr. Iván Nagyszokolyai

In the commercial motor vehicles – trucks, buses, farm tractors and other power machines, the diesel engine, the building industry machines, the material handling equipment, it is nowadays generally compulsory to have a built in soot filter. The soot or particle filter, abbreviated as DPF, became so much to a fundamental constructional part of the engine, like the gas oil, air or oil filter. The commercial motor vehicles’ running performance is much higher than that of the passenger cars, thus their soot filters are getting clogged – even in a good technical condition of the engine – much more often, so there is a higher demand for their cleaning. This can and must be done in a professional way only, just like the international filter manufacturing company in the world with one of the oldest history, the company Donaldson has developed it and manufacturedthe technological equipment.

In the diesel engine mobile applications, the vehicle maintenance problem of the particle filter technic is caused by the filter price. It is too expensive to replace it after performing about 150 to 180 kilometres, first of all in the commercial motor vehicles. In the transport of goods the running performance of a lorry per year is about so much and the price of a new filter makes 500 to 700 thousand Forint, as they say, at least. In case of a fleet with one hundred motor vehicles for the transportation of goods it can reach even 10 million Forint. This costs can be cut in half, in in third if the filter is cleaned with industrial technology. The car manufacturer has also perceived this; they sell themselves overhauled DPF to an acceptable price, moreover they offer as spare part only overhauled ones.

At a forwarding company working with a bigger fleet, where the own repair basis is established and they also carry out MOT test, it is a logical decision to have savings by means of this: they perform themselves cleaning of the soot filters of their vehicles and, if it is possible by the capacity, they undertake exterior commissions, too.

The above introduction can be theoretical, compiled with logical thinking and advisory for those concerned.

In this case the situation is just reversed.

It has come to our knowledge that there is a forwarding company buying foremost a professional equipment for cleaning of the soot filters of commercial motor vehicles from Donaldson. Because the emphasized topic of the first issue of Autotechnika in 2017, which you have just now in your hand, is the soot filter, we have got in touch with the service manager Zoltán Somlói and the leader of MOT test Árpád Oláh at the J&S Speed KFt. with the seat in Tata. They welcome us and show the equipment to us.

The owners of J&S Speed Kft.  have dealt with the idea of cleaning of soot filters, as it was not hard to account that it can bring significant savings if they carry out this process themselves. They made a study tour at the company of Donaldson in France. The plans have been followed by action, the equipment has been commissioned in tha near past, in December 2016 at the repair basis in Tata.

As neither the technology nor the equipment are well-known, we give a brief description of the cleaning processes with the permission of J&S Speed Kft.

The equipment standard configuration has a cylindrical shape, it is suitable for cleaning of filters without inlet and outlet paths.  It can take 280 to 380 mm diameter and 330 to 500 mm pipe length.

The cleaning method is a so called dry technology, i.e. without chemicals and fluids, respectively. This technology also exists for passenger cars, but is generally used for commercial motor vehicle DPF. It is because of the easy access to the filter ceramic.

The Donaldson dry method is for the filter ceramic the most careful one.

The ceramic filter dismantled from the lorry’s cleaning box is first visually inspected for possible mechanical damages or other „suspicious“ alteration – melt, opening of a cemented surface, slackening, deposit, fall out of a closing surface, etc. If necessary, the flow direction of the exhaust gas will be indicated. On a used filter there is a significant difference between the contamination of the inlet and outlet side, thus this is the best information concerning the flow direction.

Then the filter will be weighed to indicate the mass reduction in the quality certificate, referring to contamination removal.

Impulse cleaning

The cold filter is paced first into the impulse cleaner (Gen 32 DPF Pulse Cleaner). The filter is placed into the box with it original flow direction outlet diameter upwards, then it will be jointed gas tight to the system by means of packing rings, spacer inserts, mechanical fastening. It will be pressurized with air from above and the emerged flow resistance, the back pressure will be measured. The pressure gauge indicates the value in millibar unit. This value is registered, which is typical for the clogging rate.

The Donaldson technology offers to start the “impulse” cleaning in any case, independently from the back pressure value. In practice also then, if it exceeds 20 to 25 mbar.

The DPF cleaning air is conducted to the equipment from the air network of the workshop and there the pressure is increased up to 12 bar by means of a compressor.

In the course of cleaning pulsing air is conducted – it is essential, that reversely to the original gas flow direction – into the filter ceramic. The air flowing through the filter ceramic moves away the deposited soot and ash seated on the ceramic surface and in its hollow channels, then blows it out downwards through the inlet channels. The filter heats up in the course of the cleaning process, which is maximized at the temperature value of 65 °C. The particles falling out of the filter get into a pot confined by a 1-micron cylindrical air filter and the air flows through this air filter in the environment. The air filter must be replaced depending on its clogging rate. An impulse handling consists of cycles, in the course of the cleaning process 20 cycles must be performed at least. The effectiveness of the cleaning will be indicated by measuring the back pressure (TEST state) at the end of the cycle. On the basis of the measuring result (low back pressure) it is possible that the cleaning process came just to its end.

If the pressure is lower then the starting pressure but the filter is not cleaned completely, then a second cleaning method will follow: it is necessary to burn it out in an oven.

According to the opinion of J&S Speed Kft. specialists, if the TEST shows from the very first a high back pressure, then they start cleaning as the first step with burning out in an oven.

Thermal reactor:

Burning out in a thermal reactor, i.e. in an oven removes soot, hydrocarbon (should it be an oil deposit). This requires another technological equipment, the Donaldson Diesel Particulate Filter Thermal Regenerator. The filter is packed again with its inlet diameter downwards into the heat isolating quilt, then placed on the lower, electrically heated grid (Figure 10). The hot air flows through the filter partly due to the chimney effect, partly the air blown in (the supply air comes from the workshop network). The soot burning during regeneration heats up the DPF significantly.

The technology consists of three phases:

Fast, 10-minute heating up to the temperature of 650 °C.

Keeping at the temperature value of 650 °C, it is lasting 240 minutes, with intermittent air blowing in, by this time regeneration is completed.

A slow back cooling to a temperature value of about 60 °C during 172 minutes.

The automatically controlled burning out lasts about 7 hours.

In the regeneration (burning out) process a significant part of ash fall out of the filter due to heat expansion, soot burning and the air flow and is collected in a bottom reservoir.

The technological oven phase is followed by the handling in the impulse cleaner, as oil ash can be removed here completely and be sure by measuring the back pressure about the effectiveness of cleaning. It is a perfectly cleaned filter shown in the figure.




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We believe that the secret of a 100 % satisfaction is the continuously maintained machine park. The services provided in the course of our development have been matched in all cases to the demands of our partners, thus in our days we are at the disposal of our partners not only with transportation but also with an overall service connected with this.



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