The J&S Speed Kft. was founded on 17th October 1994 as a deposit company, then on 01st January 2003 we transformed it to a limited liability company. The undertaking is totally in Hungarian ownership. We have established our seat, office in Tata, Agostyáni út 91. fully constituting the property of our company. J&S Speed Kft. has obtained during the last quarter of a century a significant share in the Hungarian market in the field of forwarding and transportation. From the very start we are a member of the International Craftsmen’s Association of Private Undertakers.

The J&S Speed Kft. is a company that, concerning its main activity field, deals with forwarding (transportation). J&S Speed Kft. have been focusing his resources on the development of the international transportation activity from the foundation until now, performing it in each case according to the General Hungarian Delivery conditions.

Our company shows a dynamic development since its foundation working for more and more customers and is gradually expanding. In the course of our services we strive after excellent quality and the maximum satisfaction of our customers. Our existing capacity is a guarantee for the standard, quality and reliability of our services. Our market situation is stable.

Our main intention in the activity of our company is increasing the customers’ orientation, perfection of process oriented working, thus a continuous increase of our customers’ satisfaction. For the sake of following the rapid technical development and keeping perfection of the high level overall service standard our colleagues take part in regular trainings – both at home and abroad.

Our partners

Our company keeps continuous contact with about 100 business partners. The really high professional level of our activity is proved by the wide range of consigners and end users’ references and agreements.

Our services

We have extended the scope of our services in the last 25 years continuously complying our customers’ demands.

//// International transportation and transport organisation: The company employes 100 pieces of own international vehicles and several case contractors. The company undertakes the transportation of partial and complete freights up to 27 tons, the transport of ADR goods and of refrigerated goods up to 22 tons.

It is most important for us


Maintenance of the good relationship with the customers on every level.


The maximum quality compliance of the work completed.


Training and continuous education of the workers and sub-contractors at suitable level.


Selection of the appropriate workplace managers on the basis of both professional and human aspects.


Development and maintenance of competitive prices, establishment of a suitable technical and material basis.


Settling of problems subsequently incurred in the completed and delivered services and drawing the appropriate conclusions.


Performing of services complying with the expectations of our partners with our professional and skilled colleagues, with the newest technical means, in first class quality and safety.

From these said above it appears that both the quality and the high level service, contact keeping and a long term cooperation with our partners are most emphasized in our long time conceptions. In our office experienced colleagues with very excellent qualifications are available as well as well -trained fitters in our workshop equipped according to the specifications of the European Union. In our service the vehicles are continuously inspected. Our company employees about 180 persons, such as vehicle drivers, repairmen, administrators, freight organizers. In order our firm keeps its place in the competition between the forwarding and transportation companies, we intend to supply an overall, high quality service complying with the demands of the consigners. At our premises it is also possible to store and move goods on commission of companies. Loading of the goods is completed with modern machines. When summarizing the situation of our company the assessment, safety and the level of our company is improving year by year. In addition, we can ensure replacement of the most necessary tangible fixed assets. The dynamic of the last 5 years can only be assured by continuous perfection of the present functioning.

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