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A new hype gets reality nowadays. Is blogging going platinum, or it's just a one-hit wonder? Anyways, my urge to write gave me the chance to check out among free blog software. I was searching for a simple soft with no CMS – web editing hype. My other demand was: no cgi, php preferred.

PHPosxom was a good choice. My only problem was the pause of development, and a halfly written code. Besides, I had PHP developer employees before, who frightened about basic OO and went away, whilst I used better and better techniques. I don't think I am a PHP God, but I have a somewhat clean coding style, and I follow this clearance in CSS and xhtml. So I wasn't satisfied with code quality.

To cut a long story short, I have rewritten PHPosxom to fulfill my needs. It works for me (in Hungarian), it works for a friend of mine, but I cannot say it for sure, just because of the law of conservation of bugs.

As the project grew, I decided to make this fork visible: I renamed the project to Blosxom.PHP to refer it's roots. My first goal to make Blosxom.PHP to the Zen of PHP scripting: to keep clear and yet beautifully complex. In addition of polishing Blosxom.PHP, I have other goals with this project:

To Do

  • Now that authorsfile is dropped, what should we do with the second line of blog entries? Maybe formatting information? BB style, Textile, html. More read: TextFilter in c2 Wiki.
  • More source types (did you think about an iCal-based blog?)
  • Relational Database abstraction (eg. mysql://host/db, pgsql://host/db).
  • Web-based post and administration (incl. html editing form, image upload, moving entries to a new position). Candidate: PHPetal.
  • XML-RPC pings to weblogs.com, MT-style trackbacking.
  • Forum system.
  • Switch from flavours to PHP-based templates.


There is a short guide to use Blosxom.PHP.

Recent changes can be found in the changes page.


You can download the whole package from blosxom.php-1.0.tar.gz. SHA1 sum: 5a04b3c7763fa0962c6e6c699253f920bda81b35.