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The quality policy of J&S SPEED KFTSince its foundation, our company has been developing and expanding dynamically with a constantly growing number of clients. The relatively limited dimensions of the Hungarian market makes it necessary to be present on international markets as well. Our objectives are first class services and maximal customer satisfaction. Our quality management system and the observance of its regulations as well as the constant development of the system guarantee the maximal satisfaction of our Hungarian and foreign customers concerning the standard of our services.  

Our main objective in our operations is to enhance customer centeredness, to perfect process centered work and thus to increase customer satisfaction. Our efforts are tested by customer satisfaction queries. The results of these queries serve as basis for improvement measures.  As the work of our suppliers influences the image of our company significantly we put an emphasis on the right choice of partners. We assess our sub-contractors regularly and disclose their results to our staff and our sub-contractors to motivate them for more effective work.   

To keep up with the constant technological developments and to retain our high standard of services our colleagues take part in trainings regularly both at home and abroad. The application of our quality management system has brought about quality centered approach which is supported by trainings on quality.  We record any possible problems that may come up related to our services to be able to draw the necessary conclusions later on. Thus beside the necessary corrective measures, we can effectuate further measures to avoid similar problems in the future. This is an important part of system development. 

Our quality management system serves as framework for the routine of our operations that has evolved throughout the years, and as guideline for the improvement and efficiency of our services. The system requirements provoke an extensive scope of control as well as regular management revisions, which provide accurate information concerning the overall operation of the system.  By means of our consistent market policy and competitive prices our annual turnover is on the increase every year. Our long term concept is quality and customer centered operation that is in accordance with our market policy, the constant development and perfection of which is a guarantee of further growth.  

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